How to Make DIY Herbal Hairspray

Pick Up Ingredients

  1. Purchase either brown or white sugar. The sugar will act as the adhesive element in your spray. While this may seem a little unconventional, the sugar should not attract bugs, bees or pests because you will be dissolving it in water and essential oils.
  2. Pick up essential oils. Select oils that not only smell nice, but oil that promotes hair growth such as orange, lemon, mint or rosemary. But of course any scent will work.
  3. Locate your tea kettle or a pan to boil water. You will need extremely hot water in order to dissolve the sugar.
    • Choose a large bowl to mix spray. Make sure the bowl can handle boiling water and will not shatter or crack.
  4. Find a spray bottle for hair spray delivery. Make sure you like the spray nozzle and pressure.
    • You may also need a small funnel to help you transfer the mixture from the bowl to the spray bottle.

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